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Yeah, Write

Good thing I said "who knows" because I didn't come back since my last post. We are now a week into 2022. Nothing interesting has happened so far, except for right now I am a little congested. The temperature dropped from 80s to 40s-30s, so my hands are a little too cold to write. I haven't opened my laptop since... wait. WAIT FOR IT. S... S... ...SINCE LAST YEAR!!! HAHAHAHA. So I opened it today with the intentions of working on writing, which I haven't done in a while, and lately I am very inspired to get my projects out there. I just don't have the means or motivation for some of them. I'm taking a break from drawing right now, but I still need to do something creative, so writing is the only other thing I prefer to do. Unfortunately I also need to draw and write for my "jobs"; one of which is an illustration job with someone who has just way too many requirements and is irritatingly nitpicky. I need to finish everything for that job by the en

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