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Now What?

I graduated and published my book. I don't plan on transferring to a university. The only thing left to do is find a job. And this is great, no more school, no more deadlines and no more stress lines. Woo!


Alright, hold up! TMI and not enough elaboration! What actually happened?

I know you nosey little noses want the deets on all that's happened to me in these past few months, and so does future me. Time to get into the gritty nits. (Did I say that right?)

I'm going to break this down by month and do my best to remember what happened. Starting from March, since that's the last time I posted.

MARCH 2019
I understand the post that precedes this one was very raw and circulated a serious topic. It wasn't something I had written on a whim; it was a mind-dump of my honest opinions and thoughts, and true descriptions of persons and aspects of my life. And the thing about that is, I am still feeling that way. My household is still unbearable to live in and I still w…

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